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New Twilight community!!!
hey everyone!! check out the new twilight fans community! i think you will really like it!!!! http://community.livejournal.com/twilightlovex3/

My dream!!!!
OMG OMG you wont believe it ! i had this great dream about Robert Cullen last night! it was sooo romantic!!!! it was the best dream i ever had!! wow amazing!!! it felt so real! it started out on the beach and it was a sunset and everything! it was so magical!!!!

do you guys think that the dream was a sign that Robert Cullen is my true love~?! i am starting to think that it was!!!!! yay!!!

p.s. i sent an email to Robert telling him about my dream! i know he is very busy but i hope he gets it!!!!

Writer's Block: Name your passion
What are you most passionate about and why?


Meeting Robert Pattinson
hey everyone I just wanted to ask a few quick questions...

1) i think that me and Robert Pattinson have sooooo much in common and i think that he would be a great boyfriend for me, do you know how i could go about getting his phone number?

2) do you know if Robert has pets? i have 3 goldfish and a cat, I just want to know if our pets will get along since my cat doesn't like dogs very much!!!!

3) what kind of toothpaste does Robert use? i want to make sure that i have the kind he likes so when he comes over he will feel right at home!!!

Thanks everyone!

OMG I am so excited to tell all of you how much I love Twilight!!!!! omg this is so exciting my favorite character is Jacob the Vampire he is so hot!!!! I know everything about twilight you could ask me anything and i would tell you the answer!! who is your favorite character???