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My dream!!!!
OMG OMG you wont believe it ! i had this great dream about Robert Cullen last night! it was sooo romantic!!!! it was the best dream i ever had!! wow amazing!!! it felt so real! it started out on the beach and it was a sunset and everything! it was so magical!!!!

do you guys think that the dream was a sign that Robert Cullen is my true love~?! i am starting to think that it was!!!!! yay!!!

p.s. i sent an email to Robert telling him about my dream! i know he is very busy but i hope he gets it!!!!

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This is a serious question...this blog isn't serious, is it? I mean, if you've looked at my journal entries it kinda shows that I'm a serious Anti.

Sorry if I sound lame to you. I'm really really gullible when it comes to stuff like this.

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